Since 2013-14, schools have been in receipt of a stream of funding to help promote sports in and outside of school time. We have always considered sports to be of great importance to our children and have led the way with a dedicated Sports Leader who has championed sports for all of our pupils. We also run a Pupil Sports Council in which the children contribute their own ideas to the vision of our sports provision in school.

As a result of the funding, we are now required to publish a report detailing how the money has been spent and the impact on pupils and their learning experiences. Click below for our draft strategy for 2021/22.

Review Document

Here are the Key Desired Outcomes

  1. To enhance the quality and quantity of extra-curricular sports provision across the school.
  2. To provide high-quality teaching and learning support for the delivery and teaching of PE.
  3. Increase pupil self-esteem, pride in the school and love for physical education and sport.
  4. To increase the school’s participation at inter-school tournaments and sports competitions.