Can my child get free school meals, pupil premium or EYPP?

Free school meals save your household up to £418 year per child. Pupil premium Get £1320 for your child’s school to improve education. Early years pupil premium (EYPP) over £300 for your child’s early years and childcare provider to improve provision

Nursery (pre-school)

EYPP is additional funding for early years settings to improve the education they provide for 3 and 4 year olds whose parents are in receipt of qualifying benefits and look after or previously been looked after children.

Infants – Reception, Years 1 and 2

All children get free school meals if they are in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

If you or your partner receive one of the qualifying benefits you can apply for pupil premium to get extra money for your child’s school.

Key Stage 2 Year 3 to Year 6

Your child is eligible for free school meals if you or your partner receive one of the qualifying benefits. When making your application you are also applying for the pupil premium for your child’s school.

The Government provides additional funding to schools to assist in closing the gap in attainment between pupils from different schools and backgrounds. The funding each year is based on an amount allocated per pupil on free school meals.

It is a requirement that schools inform all stakeholders of how the money has been spent. Pupil Premium is a source of revenue that comes from the Government and is based, primarily, on the number of children who are eligible for free school meals. As a result of this, schools can receive very different amounts of money into their budget.